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On behalf of our scientific staff as well other partners,

I welcome you to our web site. Here you will find information about our activities and consulting services in engineering and building designing, energy projects development, as well as business consulting.

You will have the chance to be informed about anything of technical or investment interest, capital financing sources or other important news and developments.
Me myself and all our partners will be always available to service you, with patience, responsibility, seriousness and professionalism.

We have the energy, the ability, the knowledge and experience. Trust us!!

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What you believe for the renewable sources of energy?
πιστευετε οτι οι ιδιοκτητες σπιτιων θα προχωρησουν σε εγκατασταση φωτοβολταικών στις στεγες κατοικιών με τα την νεα ρυθμιση του ΥΠΑΝ
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